The Doctor is In the School Building

December 7th, 2015 | Posted By: Gabriela Calderon | Posted in News

In this pieces by KIPP Blog, Dr. Katherine Connor explains the work happening at the Rales Health Center at KIPP Baltimore. At the healthKate Connor MD center, students who are feeling ill or present chronic diseases can be seen by either a pediatrician or a pediatric nurse practitioner, they could also get their prescriptions and follow-up visit, all in one place.

“If you walk into the center, it’s a cheerful, welcoming environment. There are kids joking around with the nurse as they get their medication, kids resting quietly for a few minutes before going back to class. In a typical waiting room, you’d have kids sitting quietly with parents, waiting their turn, but here we also have a lot of fun!” said Dr. Connor. READ FULL ARTICLE