The Rales Center’s multidisciplinary team includes clinicians, public health professionals, educators, and advocates. Housed in the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and the Division of General Pediatrics in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the Center is a highly collaborative environment, one that benefits from the many strengths and the broad expertise of The Johns Hopkins University. Center faculty are drawn from departments across the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Bloomberg School of Public Health, bringing a broad range of expertise and experience.

Previous Rales Center Trainees

To learn more about training opportunities at the Rales Center, please email [email protected].   

JHU School of Medicine  

    • Tania Haag,  JHU Medical Student  
    • Miriam Faiz-Nassar, JHU Medical Student 
    • Caroline Plott, JHU Medical Student 
    • Shanna Yue, JHU Medical Student 
    • Devika Bhushan,  JHU Pediatrics Resident 
    • Deborah Hall, JHU Pediatrics Resident 
    • Alana Keohler, JHU Pediatrics Resident 
    • Nilesh Seshadri, JHU Pediatrics Resident 
    • Brandon Smith, JHU General Academic Pediatrics Fellow 
    • Benjamin Wormser, JHU General Academic Pediatrics Fellow 
    • Lauren Okano, JHU General Academic Pediatrics Fellow 
    • Katie Tran, Children’s National Post-Doctoral Fellow 
    • Alana Koeler, All Children’s Pediatric Resident
    • Kristopher Keppel, JHU Medical Student
    • Connie Cai, JHU Medical Student
    • Alvina Pan, JHU Medical Student

JHU School of Public Health 

    • Shazeen Suleiman, JHU MPH Student 
    • JP Senter, JHU MD/MPH Student 
    • Flannery McArdle, JHU MPH Student 
    • Antony (Gatebe) Kironji, JHU MD/MPH Student 
    • Maisha Huq, JHU MHS Student 
    • Soumita Bose, JHU MPH Student 
    • Marc Rabner, JHU Preventive Medicine Resident 
    • Anne Gaddy, JHU Preventive Medicine Resident 
    • Tony Zhou, JHU Preventive Medicine Resident 
    • Sarah Vick, JHU Preventive Medicine Resident 
    • Anna Choe, JHU Preventive Medicine Resident 
    • Ruth Stefanos, JHU Preventive Medicine Resident 
    • Josiah Mueller, JHU MHS Student 
    • Matthew Hudson, JHU Preventive Medicine Resident 
    • Jade Cobern, JHU Preventive Medicine Resident 

JHU School of Nursing 

    • India Bloom, JHU PhD Student

JHU Krieger School of Arts and Sciences 

    • Gabriela Molestina, JHU Undergraduate, Public Health 
    • Rahul Daniel, JHU Undergraduate, Applied Mathematics  
    • Joel Espinoza, JHU Undergraduate, Molecular and Cell Biology and Public Health 
    • Andy Hesse, JHU Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program Student 
    • Lillie Reed, JHU Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program Student 
    • Kathryn Hawrot, JHU Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program Student 
    • Lydie McKenzie, JHU Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program Student 
    • Salma Tayel,  JHU Undergraduate, Natural Sciences and Public Health 
    • Margaret Dearey,  JHU Undergraduate, Public Health and Spanish 
    • Nicole Ucheya, JHU Undergraduate, Public Health