Chefs move to … KIPP

May 12th, 2016 | Posted By: Gabriela Calderon | Posted in News

Inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Chefs Move to School” initiative, the Rales Center and KIPP Baltimore are partnering with Marriott Hotels of Baltimore and Annapolis to offer four cooking demonstrations for KIPP parents and staff.

For the first session, Chef William Downes, Executive Chef at the Baltimore Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, demonstrated a few ways for parents to make healthy dinners on a budget. At the end of the session, parents were able to try all the foods and ask Chef Downes questions. While the parents were learning how to cook healthy dinners, the students were learning how to cut fruits to make healthy fruit parfaits with Ryan Connor, Wellness Program Director at the Rales Center.

At the second session, Chef Carlos Gomez, Executive Chef at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel demonstrated ideas on how parents can make healthy lunches for themselves and their students. Throughout the session parents sampled healthy sandwiches and cookies and engaged Chef Carlos in a discussion of healthy food prep on a budget.
Through programs like Chefs Move to Schools, the Rales Center is promoting better nutrition and providing parents, students, teachers and staff the tools they need to eat healthy. We would like to thank Skip Cerf, Director of Operations at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel Baltimore and the Annapolis Marriott Business Council Chair, for making this partnership possible.