The Rales Center team is designing, implementing, and evaluating new programs to improve the impact and cost-effectiveness of models that weave together health and educational services. We are creating these approaches in collaboration with key community, public sector and academic partners. After testing their effectiveness locally, we aim to prepare them for adoption nationwide to catalyze changes in school health and primary care for children in other settings.

A partnership-based strategy

In partnering with the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and the Division of General Pediatrics in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the Rales Center is a highly collaborative environment, one that benefits from the many strengths and the broad expertise of The Johns Hopkins University. Center faculty are drawn from departments across the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Bloomberg School of Public Health, bringing a broad range of expertise and experience.

Our valued philanthropic partner, the Norman and Ruth Rales Foundation, provided a founding gift to help launch the Rales Center and has continued to support the sustainability of the program.

The work of the Center has also supported by the generosity of:

Partnerships are pivotal to the success of the Rales Center. Partners in our work include: